Marie-Julie Jahenny - The Breton Stigmatist

Marie-Julie Jahenny was born at Coyault, France in 1850, and died in 1941 at the age of 92. Throughout her life Marie-Julie lived as a victim soul, suffering the stigmata. She is frequently referred to as The Breton Stigmatist, The Stigmatist of Blain, or The Stigmatist of La Fraudais, depending upon which source one relies. There are many incredible aspects to the life of this saintly mystic, and we anticipate including additional information here in the future. As for now, we present information regarding the Scapular of Benediction, the Cross of Forgiveness, and the Medal of Our Lady of Good Counsel, all of which are currently available. See Below for more details

Marie-Julie Jahenny:The Breton Stigmatist

by - Marquis de la Franquerie

This is a reprint in English of one of the original works about Marie-Julie, written by one of her contemporaries, the Marquis de la Franquerie. This is a very good introductory book on "The Breton Stigmatist," and will be of interest to those who have been seeking more information about this important mystic of our times.

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Scapular of Benediction & Protection

In her extraordinary relations with Heaven, the pious stigmatic of La Fraudais, Marie-Julie Jahenny, received during the ecstasy of the 23rd August 1878 a request for a new scapular.

This scapular is an honored privilege offered by Our Lord and Our Lady to lead us through the terrible times when the world will face the Holy Wrath of God. So much blasphemy and iniquity on the part of man inexorably provokes Divine Justice, but at the same time, the infinite Goodness of Our Lord and of His holy Mother manifests itself to help, in the middle of the torment, those who, humbly, with good supernatural dispositions and without presumption put their trust in Them

Not only is the wearing of this scapular strongly recommended, but its exposition in our chapels and houses will give a very special protection.

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Remedies and Counsels For the Period of the Chastisements

Taken from the visions and prophecies of Marie-Julie. 4 Page Flyer Available in English or Spanish

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The Cross of Forgiveness

During the course of many ecstasies, Marie-Julie, the holy stigmatic of La Fraudais, was inflamed by the love of the Cross, and Our Lord revealed to her that He has promised a flood of graces to those who would venerate His Holy Cross, and, in particular, an all special protection at the time of the chastisements. These privileged ones were designated by Our Lord as The Family of the Cross whose destiny is to be protected.
Words of Our Lord to Marie-Julie on July 20, 1882:
"I wish that My male and female servants, and even small children can clothe themselves with a Cross. This Cross will be small and will bear in its middle the appearance of a small white flame. This flame will indicate that they are sons and daughters of the light."

With English Or Spanish Explanation

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The Medal of Our Mother of Good Guard

(imported from France) Also known as the Medal of Our Lady of Good Counsel

This medal is in strict agreement with the revelations received by Marie-Julie in the course of several ecstasies and recalls the special devotion that this pious stigmatist devoted to the veneration of the Cross and to the Very Holy Virgin whom she implored so often at the foot of the ancient statue of the Notre Dame de la Bonne Garde - which means Our Lady of Good Protection - and the medal has come to be known as the medal of Our Mother of Good Counsel.

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Miraculous Image of the Crucifixion

This is a reproduction of the bleeding image of the Crucifixion Marie-Julie kept in her room

Crucifixion Image - Large

(9 3/8" x 12 1/8")

Suitable for Framing



Crucifixion Image - Small

(3 in. x 4.75 in)

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Image of Our Lady of Good Guard/Our Lady of Good Counsel

Large Image - (4 1/8 in. x 8 1/4 in.)

Suitable for Framing

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