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Conformity to the Will of God - from the writings of St. Alphonsus Liguori

God Directs All Things for Our Best. Nothing happens in this world but by the direction or permission of God. "Nothing," says St. Augustine, "occurs by chance in the whole course of our life. God overrules all." Let these words penetrate into the depths of our souls; then we shall never regard what comes to us from God's hands as hurtful. "God is so good," writes St. Dionysius, "that He, who alone needs nothing for Himself, is constantly producing good for others. He is so glorious and magnificent that through the unattainable and inexpressible fullness of His love He conducts all things to their perfection."
Yes, God wills only our good, our salvation. It is His will not merely that no one should perish, but that all should save and sanctify themselves.

Conformity to the Will of God - $2.50 ea. (+ shipping)


The Case Concerning Catholic Contraception - Was $14.95 / Now $9.95

The Great St. Joseph - $9.49

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Ven. Emmerich (1774-1824), an Augustinian nun who carried the stigmata, the Wounds of Christ, spent her entire life in a small area in Germany. Yet, through her incredible mystical experiences, she was as knowledgeable about the Holy Land as any "expert" before or after her. Graced by God to live long periods of time without any food or water, subsisting on the Holy Eucharist alone, Ven. Emmerich may be one of the most important mystics in the history of the Church.

Bl. Emmerich Images on Post Card

Bl. Emmerich Post Card - Style 2 - $1.00 ea.


Traditional Cards for Various Occasions

Mass Offering Cards

5 in. x 7 in. Card With Envelope $1.75 Each

The Last Supper (3 Only)

Christ the King (3 Only)

The Holy Trinity (3 Only)

La Vierge à l'Hostie (2 Only)

The Virgin and Child in Glory (5 Only)

Traditional Cards (With Env.) -$2.95 ea. (Inside Blank)

Holy Communion Note Card With Envelope - Blank Inside - (NC-9925) - Only 6 Available - 95¢ ea.

Feast Day -$2.95 - (FD-0010) 3 Available

Our Lady of Guadalupe


The Good Shepherd


St. Aloysius Gonzaga


St. Dominic


Saint Stephen


Saint Therese

(HC-1216) - Only 1 Holy Card Available


Ora Pro Nobis


St. John Vianney


St. Thomas Aquinas



Our Lady of Good Remedy Novena Prayer Card - 25¢ ea.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Card - 25¢ ea.

St. Therese Prayer Card - 25¢ ea.


Holy Card Magnets (2 in. x 3 in.) - 75¢ ea.

Divine Mercy (Spanish Only) (MT-0829) - ONLY 1 LEFT

Plastic Laminated Holy Cards - Each was 70¢ ea. / Now 50¢ ea.


St. Therese (E24-340)

St. Sebastian (E24-541)

St. Rita (E24-532)

St. Peregrine


St. John Berchman


St. Anthony


The Letter


After Holy Communion


The Beautiful Hands Of A Priest


St. Hubert Holy Card


Rules For A Happy Marriage


Other Laminated Card - $.70 ea.

Before and After Holy Communion

(E24-667) - 70¢ ea.

Spiritual Communion

(E24-669) - 70¢ ea.



Other Laminated Holy Cards - 70¢ ea.

Love One Another

Prayer To The Holy Spirit

Embroidered Cards - From Spain

Embroidered First Communion Card (3) Girl - 16 Available

(EC-G9) - WAS $3.00 ea.


Embroidered First Communion Card (3) Boy - 30 Available

(EC-B9) - WAS $3.00 ea.


Embroidered Saint Christopher - 21 Available

WAS $3.00 ea.

NOW ON SALE - $1.75


Other Holy Communion Holy Cards

Book Mark Card (BMC9925) (W/Envelope) - $1.50 - 6 Available

First Holy Communion Card/w/Envelope - Spanish - $2.00 - 51 Available



First Holy Communion Card for Boy or Girl (FC-03)

$.25 ea.

First Holy Communion Card -Host and Chalice (FC-05)

$.25 ea.

First Holy Communion Holy Card (HC1211) (5 Available)




1st Holy Communion-Spanish

Laminated Card - $.50 ea.

First Communion - Spanish - Style 1

5 Available

Girl - (900-001)

Other Holy Communion Holy Cards


First Holy Communion Card for Boy or Girl (FC-03)

$.25 ea.

First Holy Communion Card -Host and Chalice (FC-05)

$.25 ea.

First Holy Communion Holy Card (HC1211) (5 Available)




Special First Communion Gifts


2.5" Gold Embossed Communion Boy Statuette/Magnet (837-674) 1 Available

$5.00 (+shipping - U.S. only)

2.5" Gold Embossed Communion Girl Statuette/Magnet (837-675) 2 Available

$5.00 (+shipping - U.S. only)


Imported from Italy

Devotional Items of the Mother of Good Council of Genazzano

Poster - Was $7.50 ea./Now $4.00 (7 Available)

10 1/4 in. x 13 5/8 in.


Other Medals

St. Anthony Medal - $.80 (+S&H)


St. Anthony/St. Francis Medal - $.80 (+S&H)


St. Peregrine Medal -Pewter - $.80 (+S&H) (13024)

Patron of Cancer Patients and those with skin diseases

St. Philomena Medal -Pewter - $.80 (+S&H)(1086-520)


St. Cecilia Medal -Oxidized - $.80 (+S&H)



St. Rita Medal - With Picture-Gold Color

Was $2.50 / Now $1.50

Holy Face Medal -

Gold Color

Now $.75




First Holy Communion Rosaries

Pink Heart Bead (RY103G) - Was $15 / Now $12 - 1 Available My First Communion Rosary - (RB154) - Was $15 / Now $12 - 2 Available My First Communion Rosary - Small Gray Bead (RB146) - $15 - 1 Available

First Communion Rosary (012332BK) Black/Blue - $7.50 - 1 Available My First Communion Rosary - Black (01335) - $7.95 - 1 Available

Wood Bead Rosaries

Black Wood Bead Rosary with Wood Crucifix (050BK) - $9.95 - Only 1 Available

Leather Rosary Cases

LARGE - (4.0" x 3.25") Deluxe genuine leather case with Anti-tarnish lining. Zipper Closure "My Rosary" design. Available in White Only (3890002) - 6Available
Was $10.00 ea. / Now $7.00

Movies - DVD

Other Books

Sing, My Soul, Our Lady's Glory!


Mary, Sweet Hope Of My Soul



El Texto de la Doctrina Christiana - $6.50 La Iglesia Católica Tiene la Respuesta - $6.00 Sweet Guest of the Soul $6.00

The Only Begotten Was $40 / Now $22

In a very well-reasoned book, Michael Malone brings our attention to a number of learned authorities who teach that Our Lady was indeed baptized. He makes a very well-argued and logical case for this to have been, and further to have been necessary. Such an apparently outrageous claim! I have never considered such a possibility - that the Immaculately Conceived Virgin Mother of God should have been baptized ... but out of necessity?

Only a person of ill-will can deny that the Catholic Church today is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis and universal decline. Perhaps the chief reason for this is the utter collapse of the spirit of mission over the last 30 years...
Fr. Timothy Hopkins
Shrine of St. Philomena
Miami, FL


St. Cecilia Images

2 Sizes: Small - 4.25 x 1.75 in. - 1 ea. In Stock - $15.00

Large - 6 x 2.25in. - $25.00

St. Cecilia Image - Small
St. Cecilia Image - Large

St. Joseph - 8 in.

St. Joseph Statue - 8 inch - (PS988) - $36.00


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