Our Lady of Loreto

Interior of the Holy House

Exterior of the Holy House

The Annunciation

On the Exterior of the Holy House

Sacramental Oil from the House of Loreto
Relic Card from the Shrine of Loreto

We are no longer able to obtain the Loreto Oil from the Shrine in Loreto. You can request the Blessed Oill by contacting the shrine directly at:

Pontifical Delegation
Holy House Bookshop Department B
60025 Loreto (AN) - Italy
E-mail: santuarioloreto@tin.it
Sorry - We are no longer able to obtain the Loreto Relic Cards from the Shrine in Loreto. You can request the cards by contacting the Shrine (Address shown at left)

Loreto and the Holy House - $14.95

This definitive study of the history of the Holy House of Loreto is the most decisive work in the English language defeinding the authenticity of the most hallowed shrine in all Christendom. Lifted from its foundation by invisible hands, our Lady's holy house at Nazareth was transported by angels to Dalmatia (Croatia) in 1291 to prevent its desecration by the Mohammedans. Three years later it took flight again coming to rest in Loreto, Italy, where it has stood until this day.

Loreto Shrine - Spiritual Guide Booklet (16 page) - $3.95 ea.

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