Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Ven. Emmerich (1774-1824), an Augustinian nun who carried the stigmata, the Wounds of Christ, spent her entire life in a small area in Germany. Yet, through her incredible mystical experiences, she was as knowledgeable about the Holy Land as any "expert" before or after her. Graced by God to live long periods of time without any food or water, subsisting on the Holy Eucharist alone, Ven. Emmerich may be one of the most important mystics in the history of the Church.

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Sacramental Films

presents a video documentary on the life of

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Mystic of the Münsterland

  • Filmed on location in Germany and the Vatican
  • Looks closely at the life and mystical gifts of Bl. Emmerich
  • Highlights from the Beatification of Bl. Emmerich
  • Beautiful original score written for this documentary

Available in both DVD or VHS Format

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich- Mystic of the Munsterland

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