The Agnus Dei Sacramental

Typical Agnus Deis

Replicas of Agnus Deis

"We have received a number of requests for information about the item shown at left, which is a "replica" of an Agnus Dei. These replicas are not sacramentals, and contain none of the consecrated wax. They are a novelty item only, and are available in most tourist shops in Rome for an average price of about 1 euro."

Since we originally published the information just above, we were contacted by a woman who said she was the superior of a small group of sisters. She said that they had acquired two discs of consecrated wax, one by Pope Pius XII, and the other by Pope Leo XIII. She said that they were, in fact, using these inexpensive types lockets to hold some wax taken from those discs. She insists that the wax they have is authentic and that they place a small amount in the locket device, cover it with acrylic, and distribute it as an authentic Agnus Dei. We cannot testify to the veracity of the claim, but, were it to be true, are saddened by the possibility that such a great sacramental of the Church would find its way into profane and common trinkets to be distributed, rather than being handled as has traditionally been the case. Caveat emptor.

And, one of our clients forwarded to us information which indicates that Pope Francis may have consecrated Agnus Deis in the first year of his papacy. The information is available at

Daily Prayer For Those Who Carry An Agnus Dei

Jesus, my Savior, true Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, by Thy infinite mercy, I beseech Thee to pardon my iniquities. By Thy sacred Passion I beseech Thee preserve me this day from sin and shield me from all evil. To Thy honor and glory I carry about with me this blessed Agnus Dei as a protection to my soul and body, and as an incentive to practice the virtues which Thou has inculcated, especially meekness, humility, purity and charity.

In memory of that sacrifice of love which Thou didst offer for me and all mankind on Calvary, I consecrate my whole being to thee. Thou didst die on the cross for love of me; let me die to self for love of Thee! Keep me in Thy love and Thy grace to the end of my life, that I may bless Thee forever with the saints in heaven. Amen


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