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Baptism Certificate (Only 2 Available)

11 in x 14 in. - $5.95


Traditional Cards for All Occations

Sympathy Card -$3.49 - Only 3 Available

Large 5½ x 7½ Greeting Card including a white envelope with "TradeMark" emboss.

Back of card:

When we suffer, we often feel as if God has forgotten us, abandoned us. That He no longer loves us. But this is not true! Rather, it is the opposite, difficult as it may be for us to understand. Those God loves most often suffer most. See His own Son, whose life on earth began and ended with suffering. Look at His dear Mother, whose Immaculate Heart was pierced with immense sorrow 7 times over!

Go to our Sorrowful Mother in times of trial. She too asked Our Lord “Why?” Let us bring her our hurt and confusion, our questions. She understands better than anyone else our pains. She knows, as good mothers do, how to soothe our hurts and dry our tears. Let her mother you too. (GC1008)

Divine Mercy Card - $3.49 - Only 8 Available

Actual size: 5½" x 7½" - Envelope Included - Embossed Front Image

Front of Card:  Jesus, I Trust In You

Inside: A simple act of abandonment to Jesus dispels the thickest of clouds and lets a ray of light penetrate every life. - Pope St. John Paul II "Jeru, ufam Tobie"

Back of Card:

"There is no way to heaven except the Way of the Cross. I followed it first, you must learn that it is the shortest and surest way."

"I endured when My soul was crushed in mortal anguish at the Garden of Olives. I am giving you a share in those sufferings because of My love for you and in view of the hgh degree of holiness I am iintending for you in heaven."

"A suffering soul is closest to My heart." (GC1006-N)

Mass Offering Cards - 12 Different Front Pictures

5 in. x 7 in. Card With Envelope $1.75 Each

The Sacred Heart

The Crucifixion

La Oración

The Last Supper

Christ the King

The Holy Trinity

Communion Cup

St. John of Matha

The Holy Family

La Vierge à l'Hostie

The Virgin and Child in Glory

The Heart of Mary

Set of 12 Assorted Mass Cards

Set-A - 6 Assorted Mass Cards

Set-B - 6 Assorted Mass Cards


Traditional Cards (With Env.) -$2.95 ea.

Feast Day -$2.95 - 9 Available

Ordination -$2.95 - 6 Available

First Communion - Spanish Style 1 - Only 4 Available

The Eucharist (EUC-002) - Only 5 Available

Get Well Soon - St. Blaise (GW002) - Only 1 Available

Father's Day - Style DAD-01 - Only 1 Availab;e

Sympathy Card - Sorrowful Mother - (SYM-003) - Only 4 Available

To An Altar Boy Card With Beautiful Prayer -NC-005 - $2.95 - Only 4 Available

First Mass Card - Only 4 Available


Ordination/Anniversary Post Cards with Enveiope

(PC-9940) - $1.25 ea.

St. Benedict Note Card - Box of 10

Box of 10 (#9939-BX) - $10.00 ea.


Saint Augustine - (9929)
Card/With White Envelope - $1.50


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