The Medal of Our Lady of Good Guard

(imported from France) Also known as the Medal of Our Lady of Good Counsel

This medal is in strict agreement with the revelations received by Marie-Julie in the course of several ecstasies and recalls the special devotion that this pious stigmatist devoted to the veneration of the Cross and to the Very Holy Virgin whom she implored so often at the foot of the ancient statue of the Notre Dame de la Bonne Garde - which means Our Lady of Good Protection - and the medal has come to be known as the medal of Our Lady of Good Counsel.

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History of the Statue

In 1268, the Count and Countess of Blois made a vow to establish a monastery of Clarisses in Coulanges, near Blois. The following year, on a pile of stones and thorns, a flame of fire appeared to shepherds who kept their flocks at the site called La Guiche (Small Strap).

The appearance would last several days. To get warm, they would run toward this flame, but having arrived at the spot of the apparition of the fire, they found neither warmth nor brightness. The Count and the Countess, having been informed, thought that God was manifesting to them thus the site where they were obliged to build the promised monastery.

Removing from the site a pile of stones, brambles and thorns, they found an arch of stone which, when exposed, caused them to discover a statue of Our Lady, the origin of which they were ignorant. The Count took custody of the statue and while awaiting the completion of the monastery kept it with dignity and devotion.

The main altar of the monastery was constructed at the site where the statue was found.

The monastery was completed and instituted on August 5, 1273, on the feast of Our Lady of the Snows, and the miraculous statue was solemnly erected and placed on the main altar. There the statue remained for over 500 years.

At the time of the French Revolution, by a providential intervention, this precious statue left the Monastery of La Guiche and was successively kept in the homes of many families in the region of Tours until 1878. It is at that time that a pious person who had custody of it had the clear perception that God was asking her to sever herself from it and to have it sent to La Fraudais, to Marie-Julie Jahenny, who would know better to pray to Our Lady.

Immediately, in the course of the ecstasy of November 28, 1878, the Very Holy Virgin revealed the origin of the Statue in these terms: "My child, this is My history.

"I was sculptured by a poor cripple who, after great bodily pains, became lame and deformed. He was poor, but heroically religious. Not being able to live without work, he offered himself with ease to guard the flocks of a rich family. While he was in the pastures he would often say to himself, 'I have never done anything to extol, to honor the Holy Virgin who spared my life, in spite of so much suffering.'

"One day he asked his master for the heart of a tree and the master fulfilled his wish. He carved the piece of wood each day as he advanced in his work. I helped him and he finished the Statue. He lodged me in his poor habitation where he slept. After his death the Statue stayed a long time in the family of his masters.

"In the early days, I had my little oratory, poor but rich in visits, Christian mothers came to consecrate their little children to me, many priests kissed My Statue. I averted very often the dangers and perils that were coming upon my children.

"Afterwards I was given to an old priest who kept Me till his death. But, shortly beforehand, I told him three times:

'My son, your heirs are not Christian, they will not render me the veneration that I merit; before dying you will carry Me to a marsh a few miles from here -- you will turn My head toward Nazareth -- you will make Me a little sanctum in the form of a sepulcher. Without revealing your secret you will carry Me in the silence of the night while reciting a prayer to Me. You will conceal Me and you will die with your secret. You will sow some thorny plants, they will grow rapidly, and I shall remain entombed in this site.'

"The Blessed Mother added that after many years, the time in which She would emerge would arrive. It is then that Her Divine Son would throw from Heaven, on the site where the Statue was buried, a luminous torch that would attract attention. The sealed up stone was opened with respect and we maintained a great veneration for this site. 'I was intact,' said the Blessed Mother.

"On this land prayers were recited immediately and I manifested My glory in giving health to a little child.




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