Triangular Veils With A Regular Edge

How To Measure Veils:

How Our Veils are Measured

All Measurements are approximate and vary with each veil depending on the pattern and trim. The first measurement is across the front of the veil. The second is from front to back for both semicircular and triangular shaped veils.

NOTE: Regular Veils vary in dimension depending upon the size and configuration of the scallops. The measurements are aproximately:

Small - 28 in. x 14 in.

Medium 34 in. x 16 in.

Large - 40 in. x 19 in.

XLarge - 48 in. x 23 in.


Style #105

Regular Lightweight Veils - Avaliable White and Black

Sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large

BR105M (Medium) Shown for pattern only - But only available in Extra Large

WR105L (Large) Shown

WR105XL (XLarge) Shown

STYLE #WR105 - White

White Regular Lightweight

STYLE #BR105 - Black

Black Regular Lightweight - Only Available in Extra Large

WR105 - Sizes

Style #107

Regular Veils - Available in White and Black

Sizes: Small, Medium (White Only), Large, and Extra Large


(Small Shown for Pattern only - Available in Large only)


(Medium Shown)


(Large) Shown


(X Large Shown)

STYLE #WR107 - White

White Regular Lightweight


Black Regular Lightweight - Available in Large Only - $16.50

WR107 - Sizes

Style #816

Regular Lightweight Non-Scalloped Veils

Available in White, Black and Ivory

(Small Size Available in White Only)


(WLR816S Shown)


(WLR816M Shown)


(JLR816L Shown)

Extra Large

(BLR816XL Shown)

Style #816-White

Style #816-Ivory

(No Small or Large Size)

Style #816-Black

(No Medium Size)

Style #816 - Ivory
Style #816

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