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Purgatory Explained by the Lives and Legends of the Saints - As regards the severity of these pains, since they are inflicted by Infinite Justice, they are proportioned to the nature, gravity, and the number of sins committed. Each one receives according to his works, each one must acquit himself of the debts with which he sees himself charged before God. Now these debts differ greatly in quality. Some, which have accumulated during a long life, have reached the ten thousand talents of the Gospel, that is to say, millions and tens of millions; whilst others are reduced to a few farthings, the trifling remainder of that which has not been expiated on earth. It follows from this that the souls undergo various kinds of sufferings, that there are innumerable degrees of expiation in Purgatory, and that some are incomparably more severe than others. However, speaking in general, the doctors agree in saying that the pains are most excruciating. The same fire, says St. Gregory, torments the damned and purifies the elect. "Almost all theologians," says Bellarmine, teach that the reprobate and the souls in Purgatory suffer the action of the same fire."

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Hungry Souls:After a week of hearing ghostly noises, a man is visited in his home by the spirit of his mother, dead for three decades. She reproaches him for his dissolute life and begs him to have Masses said in her name. Then she lays her hand on his sleeve, leaving an indelible burn mark, and departs...

A Lutheran minister, no believer in Purgatory, is the puzzled recipient of repeated visitations from "demons" who come to him seeking prayer, consolation, and refuge in his little German church. But pity for the poor spirits overcomes the man's skepticism, and he marvels at what kind of departed souls could belong to Christ and yet suffer still...

Hungry Souls recounts these stories and many others trustworthy, Church-verified accounts of earthly visitations from the dead in Purgatory. Accompanying these accounts are images from the "Museum of Purgatory" in Rome, which contains relics of encounters with the Holy Souls, including numerous evidences of hand prints burned into clothing and books; burn marks that cannot be explained by natural means or duplicated by artificial ones. Riveting!

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Priest - The Man Of God - His Dignity and Duties - By: St. Joseph Cafasso

The Priest - The Man Of God. If every priest in the Church knew this book and practiced what it says, we would have a different Church. Says the priesthood admits of no mediocrity; that a priest will either be a true priest and do immense good, or he will be an instrument of great evil. Gives firm, practical instructions to priests for both their personal life and their ministry-delicacy of conscience, hearing confessions, good example, etc. By one of the greatest priests who ever lived

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Stories About Purgatory Arranged as 30 Days for the Holy Souls, this book was written to engrave on the minds and hearts of its readers an indelible understanding about Purgatory - firstt, that it exists; second, that the souls detained there suffer long and excruciating pains, of the same nature of those of Hell, and thus that they desperately need our prayers, sacrifices and Mass intentions; and finally, that while we are still living, we ourselves should strive mightily to avoid Purgtory.

We read in St. Matthew's Gospel, "Be ye therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48). Yet we know that none of us is really perfect and that few human beings die in a state of soul where all their past sins have been atoned for during this life. Most people who sae their souls, therefore, are destined to be detained in Purgatory, where the passage of "time" in their perceptions slowed to a hundreth or less of what we on earth experience. thus, the agony of the Poor Souls often seems almost interminable.

Stories About Purgatory - $13.00

Baptism: Man's Contract With God
by St. John Eudes

St. John Eudes wrote many books and is best known today as the Apostle of the acred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In fact, he composed the masses for those feast days. One of the most elopquent and powerful works in this treatise on baptism.

This treatise is one of the clearest and most lucid explanations of the esential nature of the sacrament ever composed. Due to his Jesuit traning and his great sanctity, this saint is able to make such a clear and orderly presentation of the effects of this solemn contract between God and His children that it is hard to imagine anything better ever being written on the subject.

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The Father of the Little Flower - Louis Martin was the pattern of Fatherhood on which St. Therese built her now famous, "Little Way of Spiritual Childhood." These authentic reminiscences describe Louis Martin's marriage at age 34, his love and support for Zelie, his firm discipline and tender affection for his children, his piety, observance of Sunday, business practices, self-conduct, generosity to the poor, etc. Celine gives particular attgention to the sufferings of her father's old age, foreseen in a vision by Therese, which included a period of time spent in a mental institution. She describes his beautiful death, as well as the sign received by Therese, indicating that their father's soul had gone straight to heaven. A selection of letters written by Louis gives additional insight into his character. All of Louis Martin's daughters considered themselves highly blessed to have so good a father. And we today, in turn, are blessed to possess an authentic portrait (front cover) of the saintly father of the "Greatest Saint of Modern times."
The Father of the Little Flower - $7.50

Mary Magdalen In The Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich - The visions of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich are the world's greatest source of detail on St. Mary Magdlen - great sinner, great penitent, and the second most prominent woman in the Gospels. Fully referenced to The Life of Jesus Christ (their source), these pages agree compeltely with Sacred Scripture, but also tell of Mary Magdalen's life from age 9, her extravagant attire, her second repentance after falling back into sin, her exorcism by Our Lord, His defense of her against the self-righteous, her relationship with Marth and Lazarus, her external appearance, her role at Calvary, and much more. This book provides a welcome antidote to the absurd fantasies about Mary Magdalen which periodically appear in the secular world. Besides it wealth of practical detail, it is full of enlightening spiritual insights about Our Lord's public ministry, and it is a great introduction to the four volume The Life of Jesus Christ and Biblical Revelations of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich.
Mary Magdalen in the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich - $14.00

The Mass - A Study of the Roman Liturgy - by Adrian Fortescue - Available in both Paperback and Hard Cover. This book was a tremendous contribution to English speaking Catholics. With knowledge of the origin and development of the rite of Mass, Catholics could more confidently defend its sacrificial nature against the heretics who despised it. Too, the book was a great help in answering the questions of those curious Protestants who were in various degrees jealous of the liturgical beauty of the Roman Mass. Hard Cover.

The author, the son of a converted Anglican clergyman, was born in 1874. He was educated in England by the Jesuits and pursued further studies in Rome at the Scots College, finishing his theological courses at the University of Innsburck. After ordination he was assigned various curateships, from one wof which he managed to take a year sabbatical in Syria. Already a Hebrais scholar, here he perfected his fluency with the Arabic language. Fortescue was proficient in a variety of subjects including ecclesiastical history, Greek patrology, linguistics, dogmatic theology, and especially, liturgical history. In addition to these and many other subjects, he was a gifted choirmaster. Adrian Fortescue did much in his native country to publicly defend the papacy, specifically in one aspect, papal infallibility. Fortescue died young, aged forty-nine, from cancer.

The Mass - A Study of the Roman Liturgy -Paperback - $19.00

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Henry Denznger's - The Sources of Catholic Dogma - A reprint of the 1957 B. Herder Edition. In this age of doctrinal latitude and speculative innovation there is a pressing need for a comprehensive source book on authentic Catholic dogma that is magisterially anchored while at the same time both practical and non-voluminous. You have such a book in this English translation of Father Heinrich Denzinger?s Enchiridion Symbolorum et Definitionum. Since it was first published a century and a half ago, this handbook or collection (enchiridion) of articles (symbols) of faith and morals has enjoyed universal appeal and approbation since the pontificate of Blessed Pope Pius IX. The Enchiridion has been updated periodically; the edition being offered here by Loreto is that issued in 1957. The collection includes all articles and creeds of the Catholic Faith beginning with that of the twelve apostles, all dogmatic definitions stamped with the Petrine authority of the apostolic See (ex cathedra), decrees of the solemn magisterium, papal bulls, encyclicals and letters, as well as some of the more weighty decisions of the Holy Office prior to 1957. Although not every entry in this 653 page compendium of Church teaching is definitional (i.e. ex cathedra) it still should be considered the "locutus est" for every wayfaring Catholic whose patria, this side of heaven, is Roma. In addition to a general index there is a scriptural index plus an invaluable systematic or topical index making for very easy reference. Note, too, this edition comes with a one page Corrigenda which is a list of sixteen corrections that must be applied to errors (usually omissions) that escaped the eyes of editors in previous editions.
The Sources of Catholic Dogma - $34.95

Fr. John Laux's Books on the Catholic Faith

Chief Truths of the Faith

Mass & The Sacraments

Catholic Morality

Catholic Apologetics

Suggestions for Study. The best brief outline of our Faith we know. Penetrating explanations of all essential truths of the Faith. Written as a high school textbook, it is excellent even for college work and is geared also for adult reading as are all Fr. Laux's books. Fr. Laux is always brief, clear, thorough, undated and interesting! He taught this subject in high school for years, and this excellent book is the fruit of his work.
The doctrine and history of the 7 Sacraments. Also covers Indulgences and Sacramentals. Topics include the Scriptural background of the Sacraments, their institution by Christ, essential requirements for receving them, their effects in the soul, etc. Will deepen understanding of these 7 lifelines of grace and salvation.
A brief but complete book on traditional Catholic morality. Covers every basic aspect -- the purpose of life, free will, the Natural Law, elements of a moral act, nature of sin, and much more. Illustrated. See also: - Chief Truths of the Faith - A Course in Religion, Book I - Mass and the Sacraments ...
Suggestions for Study. One of the best apologetics books we have ever seen. Covers the nature of our knowledge, justifications for our belief, proofs for the existence of God, Immortality of the soul, proofs of Revelation, reasonableness of our belief in the Church, primacy of the Pope, etc.






Is it a Baby, or just some cells? ? the testimony of a nurse practitioner
by Cortney Davis RN, MA, ANP

Available now!

Is it a Baby? follows the true story of a nurse practitioner working in a women?s health clinic which refers women for abortion. While originally not participating in abortion at all, Cortney Davis? work slowly draws her closer and closer to abortion?as she rationalizes her increased involvement all the way, even to the point of participating in one. Yet her conscience will not free her as God keeps sending her messages that she cannot ignore.

This powerful witness for life, accurate in its medical descriptions and emotions, should be read by everyone.

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