The Sacred Heart of Jesus


The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sacred Heart Certificate and Card

Encourage the family (or at least yourself), to consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Back of card: This consecration which was first composed by St. Margaret Mary in honor of the Sacred Heart.

Sacramental Record: Consecration to Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Suitable for Framing. $8.00 (+$4.80 shipping)

Notebook Card - Sacred Heart With Consecration Prayer - $1.50

Our Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan From Heaven - $4.95

Our Lady of Fatima Prayer Card - 25¢


Sacred Heart Scroll Plaque (8 in. x 10 in.) - $5.95

Immaculate Heart Scroll Plaque (8 in. x 10 in) - $5.95


Two HeartsScroll Plaque (8 in. x 10 in.) - $5.95



Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue/Magnet - 3 in. - $4.95


Statue-Magnets of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart - $4.75 ea.

Sacred Heart Statue/Magnet - 3 in.

Immaculate Heart Statue/Magnet - 3 in.

Sacred Heart-Immaculate Heart Statue/Magnet - 3 in.


Last Supper Magnet (2x3 in.) - $2.00 ea.


Lace Style Holy Cards - 1.00 ea.

Holy Communion - Boy or Girl

Holy Communion Lace Card

Sacred Heart Badges

Sacred Heart Badge - Plastic Laminated

Available in English or Spanish - 75¢ ea.


Sacred Heart Badge - Plastic Laminate Grommet Type - $1.00


Consecration Prayer Card - $.70 ea


Send Written Requests for Sacramentals to:

Sacramentals Foundation

12922 Olive St.

Omaha, NE 68138-3202  

call/fax: 402/895-2000

For More Information Call Toll Free: 1-877-395-2320


Shipping/Handling: For written requests, add $1.00 + 10% of the request

To Request Sacramentals: Use Your Credit Card With PayPal

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